DutchCrafters Launches The Amish Furniture Podcast

The gold and brown logo of the Amish Furniture Podcast with image of Amish woodworker in the background.

The words “Amish” and “technology” are not commonly heard together. Since 2003, DutchCrafters has been a pioneer in bridging the gap between those words as one of the first online retailers of Amish furniture. Last month, the Sarasota-based small business and JMX Brands store also became one of the first Amish furniture retailers to launch a podcast about Amish furniture.

Produced by the company’s Multimedia Producer and Graphic Designer Jake Smucker and hosted by Beth Rice and Milca Rivera, both members of the organization’s marketing team, the podcast focuses on topics related to Amish furniture. In the first three episodes of the limited series listeners will learn about five common misconceptions about Amish furniture, go behind the scenes at Amish woodshops with company employees, and get insiders tips on shopping for Amish furniture.

Rather than focus on DutchCrafters as a company, the purpose of the podcast is to provide fun and educational content about Amish furniture for anyone considering buying Amish or interested in the subject and glimpses into Amish life from an Amish furniture perspective.

“While we’ve found that shoppers love learning about Amish furniture through our videos on YouTube and dutchcrafters.com, they don’t often watch a 30-minute discussion of a topic on video and that’s what makes a podcast the perfect medium for a deep-dive into a topic related to Amish furniture,” said Smucker. “The podcast offers us an opportunity to blend DutchCrafters employees’ wealth of knowledge about Amish furniture with our multimedia production capabilities to offer Amish furniture fans a new way to learn about the furniture and the people behind it.”

Listen to The Amish Furniture podcast at anchor.fm/dutchcrafters or where you tune in to your favorite shows. New episodes go live every other Wednesday.

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