JMX Brands Celebrates Their Fifteenth Anniversary

JMX Brands Events Committee (from Left to Right): Beth, Milca (chair), Linse, Mary, and Jennifer

On Saturday, February 10, JMX Brands, the largest retailer of Amish furniture at celebrated 15 years in business by hosting a cocktail party for the company’s employees and guests at the Aloft hotel in downtown Sarasota. The evening included a champagne toast by the company’s CEO Jim Miller, award presentations, speeches by veteran employees, and a video featuring employee testimonials.

CEO Jim Miller expressed his gratitude to the many people who have helped the company reach 15 years, including, employees, customers and vendors. “Our employees are central to the story, and I find a lot of personal fulfillment in being able to provide meaningful employment and growth opportunities. These employees have shared highs and lows, risen to new challenges, and developed a sense of community together that has taken on a life of its own. I’m really grateful to have been a part of the journey and to have been a key factor in creating this new reality.”

Three new annual awards were introduced and presented to staff in recognition of various achievements:

  • Director of Marketing Debra Gingerich received the JMX President’s Award. Presented by Miller, the award recognizes both excellence in work and impact of results.
  • Robert Ata, PPC campaign manager, was honored as JMX Brands Rookie of the Year in recognition of his ability to learn his job quickly, bring immediate value and demonstrate early excellence.
  • Staff Accountant Gwen Heaton was awarded the JMX Built to Last Award. The eight-year veteran of the company was honored for her persistent work ethic, depth and breadth of knowledge, long term contributions, steady adaptability and continuity.
  • On Friday, February 9, at a pre-party assembly, Jake Smucker, multimedia producer and graphic designer, received the JMX Brands Service Award in acknowledgment of his service to both the company and community.

Click here to watch the JMX Brands 15th anniversary video.

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