JMX Brands honors Nawei Gu with Built to Last Award

Built to Last Award

Sarasota, Fla – Nawei Gu was recognized with the Built to Last Award at the annual staff awards ceremony of JMX Brands, the parent company of DutchCrafters Amish Furniture.

Vice President Linse Miller presented the Built to Last Award, which recognizes a veteran employee who steadily performs and demonstrates persistence, a solid work ethic, deep knowledge, and long-term contributions that improve the business.

“Nawei has the uncanny ability to read my mind when she and I work together to add and optimize products on the website,” said Miller. “She was always there when I needed her to help. She is very deserving of this Built to Last Award and has helped the company become what it is today.”

Nawei Gu joined JMX Brands 16 years ago. Her responsibilities and achievements have grown along with the company. Weathering ups and downs, she has been a vital part of the company’s journey through uncertain challenges and celebrated success. Over the years, she has worn many hats—user interface designer, graphic designer, email marketing producer, research & development assistant, and in 2019 she was promoted to her current position, R&D project coordinator.

“When Nawei worked as our graphic designer and created email marketing materials, she brought artistic expression, an understanding of our market and the relevant technological skills to do that work and do it well,” said Marketing Director Debra Gingerich.

Whether she was asked to learn new computer coding, assist with implementation of the CRM, or evaluate and interpret the effects of making certain modifications to web pages, Nawei Gu has always been a team player. Her colleagues attest to their appreciation of her gracious authenticity, giving spirit and willingness to take on new challenges.

Miller adds, “Thank you, Nawei, for the superior service you have given to JMX Brands over the years.  Congratulations on winning this well-deserved award. You are truly Built to Last.”