JMX Brands Makes Leading Furniture E-tailers List

JMX Brands Staff October 2017

Sarasota-based JMX Brands has made Furniture Today’s 2017 Leading Furniture E-Tailers list. This is the third year in a row that JMX Brands, the largest online retailer of Amish furniture at, has made the list. JMX Brands also recently opened an online store for eco-friendly home goods at

Furniture Today’s list of the 30 top furniture e-tailers is ordered alphabetically and includes retailers that get at least 80 percent of company revenue from online sources.

Though primarily a Web-based retailer, JMX Brands understands the importance of building relationships, with both its craftsmen and customers. JMX Brands’ focus is on customer service, including continuously improving website functionality, launching a new video platform, and providing furniture specialists who answer detailed questions and help customers with specific requests.

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