JMX Brands’ Michael Zaccari Receives the Inaugural Category Manager of the Year Award

JMX Brands, the largest online retailer of Amish furniture at, awarded Michael Zaccari the first annual Category Manager of the Year Award.  The award was presented to Zaccari in honor of his hard work to increase the office furniture category.

The University of South Florida alum joined JMX Brands staff in February 2020 as an assistant category manager. He was quickly promoted in May 2020 to category manager and has worked effectively to build relationships with vendors and collaborate on team projects.

JMX Brands CEO Jim Miller validated Zaccari’s hard work in late 2020.

“I want to recognize Michael Zaccari for a phenomenal 117.5 percent growth rate in Q4,” said Miller.  “I looked back on my records since Q1 2014, and I found no other portfolio with this fast of growth in a single quarter.  Michael has the record.”

This was the first year JMX Brands presented a Category Manager of the Year Award. The award was implemented in recognition of the hard work of one category manager, which is a crucial role in the company’s success. Scott Anderson, product management and innovation team manager, presented the award to Zaccari.

“Thanks to Michael’s dedicated efforts focusing on the office furniture category, revenue increased 77 percent in 2020,” said Anderson. “With a solid profit margin of 37.1 percent, he helped to push profit growth up 74 percent over 2019.”

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