JMX Brands Promotes Seth Carter to Eco Friendly Digs Manager

Niche Internet retailer JMX Brands has promoted Seth Carter to Eco Friendly Digs manager.  The Indiana University East alum will be responsible for overseeing and developing the Sarasota-based company’s newest ecommerce store at In alignment with JMX Brands’ commitment to sustainability, Eco Friendly Digs carries home furnishings and décor that are environmentally friendly. Under Carter’s leadership, the company plans to become the leading online retailer of sustainable home products as it is the leading online retailer of Amish furniture at

“It’s energizing to work with a variety of high-quality manufacturers who all make real sustainability efforts,” said Carter. “The fast-furniture movement is a huge reason 12 million tons of furniture are added to landfills each year, and JMX Brands’ commitment to quality products is one way of combating the landfill landslide.”

Carter joined JMX Brands in July 2020 as a product category manager and was promoted to Eco Friendly Digs manager in May 2021. Since then, Carter has been working with new vendors to develop sustainable products and optimizing the website to create an excellent shopping experience for customers.

“There are so many small business owners with eco-friendly principles at their cores,” said Carter. “With JMX Brands’ resources, we can connect customers on the west coast to small businesses on the east coast. We can bring unique, eco-friendly products to customers that may not have found them without us.”

CEO Jim Miller recognized Carter’s strong work ethic and knew he was the right fit to lead this endeavor.

“While Seth is relatively new to JMX Brands, he quickly demonstrated that he was a fast learner with a very high dose of ambition,” said CEO Jim Miller. “Seth brings energy and a keen entrepreneurial perspective to his work, and he has what it takes to lead Eco Friendly Digs.”

After experiencing substantial growth with DutchCrafters in 2020 and into 2021, Miller was ready to make an investment into the small business by moving toward a multi-brand identity. DutchCrafters has received national recognition for its success, including being named to two of Newsweek’s prestigious lists: 2021 Best Online Shop and Trending Online Shop for 2021. This success with JMX Brands’ inaugural brand, DutchCrafters, is the motivation behind establishing Eco Friendly Digs as a leading brand in environmentally friendly furniture.

“JMX Brands was founded on the idea of a multi-brand company that could replicate success in ecommerce across a variety of niche markets,” said Miller. “In 2018, when we revisited our mission statement, we purposefully crafted a statement that could be utilized beyond DutchCrafters.”

With more businesses than ever participating in “greenwashing” – creating a false image that a business’ products are environmentally friendly—Eco Friendly Digs is devoted to changing the curve back toward authentic sustainability. How is the brand doing this? With transparency behind its products.

“It is tough to manufacture products or even exist in the modern world and declare you are truly 100 percent eco-friendly,” said Carter. “To ensure authenticity in our mission, we look for certifications or similar forms of evidence from the manufacturers before allowing them on our site.”