JMX Brands’ Seth Carter Receives Rookie of the Year Award

JMX Brands, the parent company of the top online retailer of Amish furniture at, recognized Seth Carter as the 2020 Rookie of the Year. Carter joined JMX Brands in July 2020 as a category manager and has shown enthusiasm and ambition in his work endeavors.

The Indiana University East alum was responsible for creating a DutchCrafters exclusive bed design and is always quick to bring new ideas to life. Since Carter’s start at JMX Brands, the bedroom furniture category has grown by 99 percent, outpacing most other categories in a same size range. Carter also contributes to JMX Brands by leading projects with the Family and Events Committee.

“There are certain traits Seth has, along with a great work ethic and ability to solve complex problems, think outside of the box and contribute on a team level, that really bring value to the Product Management and Innovation Team and to JMX Brands,” said Scott Anderson, product management and innovation manager.  “There’s no doubt in my mind that there is not a better rookie in 2020 than Seth.” 

Another noteworthy achievement made by Carter was his substantial improvements to the bathroom category.  When Carter joined JMX Brands, he was determined to make improvements. He worked with Vice President Linse Miller as well as Anderson to bring on new vendors to increase product offerings.

“Because of his hard work digging in, the bathroom category rebounded in Q4 with 448 percent growth in December, ending the year up 13 percent that was previously running negative,” said Miller.

The Rookie of the Year Award honors one JMX Brands employee annually for making an immediate impact on the company’s growth and success. Carter received the award from Miller and was gifted a “Rookie of the Year” mug plus one bonus paid vacation day as a reward for his hard work.

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