Jim MIller

JMX Brands’ CEO Jim Miller often offers his insights to local and national press on anything from entrepreneurial challenges, to e-tail business management, to maintaining a healthy workforce and community.

In our series #Quotable, we’ll be tracking his notable contributions to the business community at large.

From How Small Businesses Can Break Into E-Commerce:

You cannot focus on traffic to the exclusion of everything else. After all, even if you bring hordes of visitors to your site, you still might not sell a thing. For one, you need to be sure you’re reaching the right audience. Then, you’ll have to experiment to see what are the best ways to convert visitors into customers.

Make changes based on your testing and never rest on your laurels. E-commerce changes too quickly to allow for slacking (even just a little).

To succeed in online retail, you have to communicate what makes your product unique. “Offer better service, more variety, something special,” writes Jim Miller, CEO and founder of JMX Brands and DutchCrafters in Sarasota, Fla. “Tell your story so that customers are buying a good experience, not just the product.” Indeed, the key to success today — both online and off — is being a brand and not just a mere manufactured good or service.

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