About JMX Brands:

Founded in 2003, JMX Brands is a specialty ecommerce retailer operating distinct niche-market online stores for both individual and business consumers. The mission of JMX Brands is to inspire authentic living by connecting people to handpicked products with exceptional service.

Each online store is masterfully curated to include a mix of luxury home goods as well as high-value items at more approachable prices for the home or office. JMX Brand’s flagship store, www.DutchCrafters.com, sells heirloom-quality, Amish-made furniture. Combining Mennonite heritage and Amish connections with a Web-savvy business, JMX Brands has made several lists of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, including the Gulf Coast 500, Inc. 5000, and Digital Commerce 360 1000. JMX Brands is a BBB A+ rated company and member of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and Manatee Chamber of Commerce.

Though a web-based retailer, JMX Brands understands the importance of building relationships, both with its craftsmen and customers. JMX Brands is always looking for ways to make the buying experience the best it can be, whether that is speeding up the shipping process or providing informative online content that is relevant to our customers’ lives. That difference is recognized by its customers and their testimonials tell the story.

JMX Brands is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and now have showrooms for our DutchCrafters products. We invite you to visit us at 3709 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL or 160 N. Main Street, Alpharetta, GA.

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In November 2002, Jim Miller and Miao Xue, former classmates at the University of South Florida graduate program in organizational management, began sharing their aspirations about starting a business together. The conversations culminated over lunch at the Hillview Grill in Sarasota, FL in early 2003, where they agreed to proceed with an ecommerce firm, merging the initials of their names to create JMX.

Because of Jim’s Mennonite background, JMX Brands found success with a number of Amish products – many of which had not been seriously marketed with an ecommerce model before. Because Jim was familiar with working with the Amish and the unique qualities of Amish culture, he brought a distinct skill to the irregular process of bringing Amish-made products to the consumer. Jim and his wife, Linse, began to travel the country roads throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana searching for Amish-made furniture and crafts, observing firsthand the quality with which they were made, and meeting the craftspeople who made them. They were met with some skepticism, but gradually built a strong network of suppliers.

Jim and Miao continue to own and operate the company privately. As they look to the future, they are optimistic about JMX Brands’ growth in new sectors of ecommerce.

Culture and Values:

The values that our founders were raised with permeate the culture of JMX Brands.

We believe in:
Giving: Offering voluntarily, without thought of what one gets in return.
• We embrace growth that leads to self and team development. We reward generosity by individuals and the overall company.

Authenticity: Integrity and value in what we represent.
• We are committed to truth in representation of the products we market, value in the products we sell, humility and honesty in our relationships.

Creativity: Seeing from another point of view, differentiation, and beauty.
• We encourage calculated risk-taking and thinking outside the box.

Excellence: Doing the right things well.
• We are focused on successful planning and execution to serve our customers well.

Sustainability: Stewardship of resources for earth, company, and health.
• We believe in healthy living, environmental stewardship, and financial well-being.